Games and Sports

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Games and Sports

St. Augustine Eregi Teachers Training College

Welcome and share with Us some insight on the department of Games and Sports in this institution of excellence. We are in the docket of the Dean of Students. We are concerned mainly with planning and managing intra mural sporting activities in college and to prepare our students for extra mural competitions. This department is headed by the Games and Sports Coordinator together with the Assistant Games and Sports Coordinator who consult widely with coaches and trainers of the various sporting disciplines. This team is assisted by the student leaders in charge of Games and Sports ably led by the Chairman Games and Sports who works with the Vice Chairman and two Secretaries. This student’s team is greatly assisted by the student council and captains of the disciplines we offer. Our department plays an integral part in moulding the student into a holistic teacher-one who has more to offer in addition to the academic dimension.

We expose students to many learning and living experiences through Sports. We provide to them a perfect opportunity to enjoy themselves through entertaining activities. We give them opportunities to earn themselves genuine and valid certificates and that put them in the first lane towards employment-self or otherwise. In conjunction with the department of Physical Education, we play a very crucial role in the teaching and learning of that very important subject in the life of our student and our student’s pupil .That is why the activities we engage in are known as co- curricular .We belong to the Department of Curriculum just as much as we belong to the Dean of Students docket. Through our activities, students benefit immensely and their performance in Physical Education is enhanced positively. In fact a quick glimpse at the P.T.E. results over the years has shown that students active in Games and Sports perform exemplary not only in Physical Education but in other subjects as well.

The department goes through the exercise of change of guard in its student leadership. This is done through a transparent procedure. Currently(2016-2017) the officers serving in the department are Cyprian Mukoko Ngota the Games and Sports Chairman, Loreen Chepng’etich the Vice Chairman, Alex Magut and Silvia Mwendwa the Secretaries. In the May-August term there will be change of guard.

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